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So I recently re-watched season 4 of Lost Girl, I tend to just skip the beginning, and the ending, I pretty much stick to episodes 5, 7, and 8.

Anyhow, while re-watching Dark Horse I noticed that maybe I shouldn’t have gotten so excited when Bo returned to kiss Lauren in the end. If you study Bo’s facial expression, it’s not the usual lovie-dovy happy goofy one she gets when smooching our favorite human doctor, it’s a very almost apologetic look. There’s something uncertain behind it.

Is this just because of the intensity of the current situation, or was there something behind it? What if that was a ‘goodbye’ kiss? What if it was just a ‘just trying to be sure of something left unspoken’ kiss?

I am probably readying way too much into it, it was a simple acting choice, but it kinda freaked me out, and makes me very anxious for the new season and what lies ahead for Doccubus/BoLo/Team Lauren.


Why would a bot ask such a question, I mean one would feel politely obligated to answer robots, however I am afraid that since thankfully there are no robots out there with feelings (yet, and hopefully ever), I am inclined to give my true answer, which is dinosaurs. Dinosaurs for the win.